“How I Contacted HIV From Sleeping With Different Prostitutes At The Age Of 24”

A Nigerian man shared his story on how he contacted HIV from sleeping with different prostitutes at the age of 24. Read and learn.

Concerning my strong addition with engaging with different prostitutes, i also saw same topic on yabaleft and gossip mill pages, in which i saw so many thousands of insults not replies and also i made mention of quitting totally from it in which i vowed and swore with my life to God Almighty that the last time i went will forever be my last, i swore never to engage and risks my life and sleeping with different prostitutes, and also i mentioned something like going for an hiv test the next day which is this past Monday.

To cut the long story short i summoned courage and went for the text first thing that Monday morning before going to work.

When i arrived at the test center i sat and waited a little while because others were there before me, they all came to do their own different tests, then it got to my turn and my blood sample was taken, and i waited with shaky legs and a racing heart, just a few minutes and the result came in the woman in charge then handled it to me and i glanced through it and behold the unthinkable happened it came out positive (i was HIV positive +v) i just keeps staring at it like a doll, i don’t know what to do or say at that moment, the woman was still standing looking at me, then she utter her first words something like it’s not the end of the world that i should follow her that she wants to take me to someone for counseling, i was so filled with rage and regrets that i went out at once with so much anger and frustrations, i just went straight home and didn’t bother to go to work that day, even up till today i had not gone to work, am just here lying lifeless, that same monday i logged in to nairaland and i saw many mentions urging me to update how the test result went, i don’t have any intentions of opening a new topic concerning it, so i replied one of the mentions that it came out positive, since then i haven’t logged in to nairaland until now, in which i logged in to read replies on the last page of my previous thread, in which i saw so many replies urging me to create a topic concerning it so that others will be able to learn from my experience.

Sincerely speaking i don’t really knows how and where i wants to start in advising those engaging with prostitutes, and also those having sex without condoms. smh

If only u guys really knows how regretful and sorrowful am currently feeling , if only i could turn back the Sands of time, but it’s too late to cry before the head is off, it’s not worth it.

All because of 10 – 15 minutes pleasures, i used my own hand and money to destroy my life, so many thoughts on my mind right now i don’t really knows what to do, am so confused, so i will start living on drugs daily for the rest of my life, me that don’t knows how to take drugs also am always feeling the side effects of mostly all drugs i always took, just a little self control would have avoided all this mess i got myself into, i really feels like the ground should just open up and swallow me right now, what will my family say if they eventually finds out, the first son and father of the family, and also the most quiet and cool headed of them all has been infected with hiv virus, none will ever belive that i had ever kissed a girl before talk more of sleeping with different prostitutes, i don’t really knows what to do or say anymore, i feels so weak and tired right now, am really so confused and frustrated, i really so messed up right now, i must say that everything in this life has his consequences, the icing of the cake is very sweet so it’s the diabetes it could give u will be very bitter, nothing goes for nothing in this life, i must say to u guys my friends and my family that abstinence is the best, if u can’t abstain at least use a condom, never u have sex using a condom when u are drunk it’s too fatal, sex is sweet so it’s the consequences of it is very disastrous if u inventually ran out of luck, the thought of living on drugs for the rests of my life is making me semi_mental, am so fed up with life right now, me that don’t knows how to take drugs, me that am always feeling the side effects of taking any drugs all because of sexual pleasures my life has been ruined i can’t actually believe that this is really happening, so am now hiv positive, so i have contracted the dreaded hiv virus.

When i was doing it jumping from one girl / prostitutes to the other, i thought i was enjoying life, i thought i was feeling and Banging a soft feminine body, i didn’t knew that the feminine body is what will end me, i didn’t knew that it’s the same feminine body that is going to ruin my life, i didn’t knew that it was not worth it, the cons smartly outweighs the pros. I really so full of anger, regrets and frustrations right now, what could easily be avoided, i allowed my stinking sexual urges to be controlling me all this while, all the sex i have had all this while what have i gained? Nothing.
What really pained me most is that all through my life since when i was born i had never and ever had sex without condom and am 100% certain i contracted this from condom breakage, just some little minutes that condom broke before i later noticed, i mentioned it earlier on my first threat that condom had busted about 5times since i started having sex, i definitely knew for sure that was how i contracted this, i have never enjoyed the feeling for once of normal skin to skin sex, i always use condom when ever am having sex, never have i had sex without using condom.

I don’t think my life will ever remained as it was before again, just when i have made up my mind about quitting with different prostitutes

Am feeling so weak and tired right now, i can’t type anymore, i wants to sleep now.
Goodnight and God’s speed be with you all.

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  1. author

    CHINENYE OFFIA3 days agoReply

    Thanks for sharing

  2. author

    samuel oluwanifemi3 days agoReply

    that serves you right

  3. author

    Emmanuel Chijioke3 days agoReply

    Sorry for the infection
    Let other young people learn
    And avoid fallen such victim

  4. author

    Paul Frederick3 days agoReply

    That’s not the end of the world though. Just take your Drugs religiously and live your life.

  5. author

    Ozumba Ifeoma3 days agoReply

    the deed has already been done, take it easy and learn to be close to God, who knows the mind of God? He only can heal you when you surrender totally to him. I’ve heared cases such as yours been taken care of by only beleiving in God.

  6. author

    Uwem Abraham3 days agoReply

    That’s has teach me a lesson.

  7. author

    Onyinye Uhiara3 days agoReply

    It’s not the end of the world. One can’t continually cry over spilled milk, it’s a bitter pill to swallow no doubt. Good a thing you have quit, pick up the pieces of your life and move on. Michael Jordan the popular basketball player is living with it and is doing fine with ARV drugs.
    Abstinence is KEY.

  8. author

    Oriyomi Jolaoso3 days agoReply

    Na wetin you sabi chop kill you

  9. author

    Catherine Ilamebe3 days agoReply

    That is t he reparcusion

  10. author

    Anonymous3 days agoReply

    What a shame. Such fate always before sexually loosed people

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