[Confession Time] I Am Fast Becoming [email protected], What Should I Do?

Dear Dan,

What do you think i can do to help myself? It happens that i left NG few months back and since i left all my babes behind for NG, since i got here, for about four months, i can’t get attached to any female folks no matter how hard i try at first i thought it’s because of the race, like i no dey like anytin bout dis white gals (akata).

Buh have met few blacks too which i still couldn’t get attached to also. It’s because i’m really scared of STD though cuz a lady infected me with one then and i was still very young and it was even my first s*x and knows nothing about s*x or STD’s then, so i never knew i was suffering from STD, the thing almost send me off this world.

It’s really been long since i loved someone though but still i usually take my chances, whenver i see a green light, i grab it and do my best for like two or three months and i’d quit.

I actually don’t like condom also, i so much hate it. And secondly, since my very tender age, my mum has always been warning me about girls, and as i was growing, lots of pastors/prophets too also did warn me, and seriously, if you should see my FB inbox, you’d turn a pastor and start praying for me.

It has even gotten to stages where girls they swear for me for dreams, so all these together has changed my life, whenever konji catch me this days, all i see are men ass, i don’t get attached to women any longer, i am really scared to even talk 2 a lady these days na wahala..

I get attached to male folks instead, it’s becoming something else. Help my career.

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  1. Try to detach yourself from male folks, and really pray about it. Don’t start what you will live your life regretting

  2. having the attraction to guys is not a bad thing, but practicing the act with same sex is a sin, I’ll advise you to seek God, and take your mind iff what makes you feel thesame sex is better than the opposite sex. God bless you

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