“See 5 Phones The World Will Never Forget”. Do You Agree?

No long talk, we are giving you a list of the phones that graced the world with applause. These phones will never be forgotten, and our lives have become better since these devices were introduced. Take a look. 1. Nokia 3310 What makes this phone legendary isn’t the spec or whatever design we see on

How To Check The Size Of Files On Mac

Most times, finding the size of files on a Mac can be a real hassle. Here are some tips that can help with this task. Add Size Column To List View In Finder To begin with, it’s best to switch to list view because it provides the most information—including file size. If the size column

When You See These Signs, Mind It, Your Computer Is Hacked.

Cyber attacks are nothing new these days. And most of the times we don’t even know that our computer is being hacked. So get smarter with these signs and let your hacker know you are no amateur. 1. The antivirus in your system is switched off. This is among the obvious signs. And switching off

7 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your OTG

Some persons out there have their OTG laying out there but are yet to knw the full functions of this little but almighty tool… Today I’ll be putting you through on what you can use ur Otg for.. Without wasting much of your time, check them out below, First what Is the meaning of OTG

The Tech Gadgets Every Traveller Should Have Handy

Every avid traveller knows that there are some tech gadgets that are essential for them to take along on their trip because they offer support and could save a lot when the chips are down. These gadgetd not only makes our lives easy, but the technology allows us to work from the road to fund

Mtn Nigeria: How To Share Data And Credit On Mtn Network

MTN Nigeria How To Share Data And Credit On MTN Network With MTN Share ‘n Sell, you can share credit from your MTN account to other MTN customers’ account. It comes with a PIN feature to ensure security and prevent fraud. How to Transfer Credit using SMS You can transfer credit from your phone to

Everything You Need To Know About The New Google Pay App

Google launched a new app called “Google Pay for Android” yesterday. On the surface, the app allows you to make and track purchases with your phone. However, Google has so much more in store for this new feature. Here’s what you need to know about the new app. Google Pay is a merger of two

5 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Slows Down Months After You Buy It

Today almost everyone has an Android smartphone. These devices come with different specifications and in different sizes to suit each person’s taste. However, after six months of heavy usage, you’ll notice a reduction in efficiency and performance . There are many potential reasons that make smartphones to slow down after several months. So, in this

How To Use Android Phone Effectively

Chinenye Anuforo Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. While Apple phones receive much attention, Android holds roughly 88 per cent of the global market share. Daily Sun’s research showed that part of the reasons for this is that the brand faces little competition. What this really means is that a

Samsung Unveils Calming New Ringtone For Galaxy S9

Although the new phone isn’t out yet, you can listen to what the new default ringtone sounds like. Every year, Samsung creates a new arrangement of its classic ringtone Over The Horizon. This year, the company collaborated with Icelandic composer Pétur Jónsson to create a soothing symphonic masterpiece. According to Samsung, “a minimalist arrangement that

8 Reasons Why You Need To Start A Blog Today

Years back, blogs weren’t common in the world as it is today. I do know that you must having been hearing and seeing the word ‘Blogs’ and you may wonder , ‘what are blogs?’, ‘What can I do with it?’, ‘What are the benefits of having a blog in this present time?’ well, wonder no

Things To Avoid While Buying A Smartphone

Avoid the Rush Yes! you have to avoid the rush since you might buy something that you will regret later. You need to take time and go for the kind of smart phone you really want. Avoid competition There shouldn’t be any competition when buying a smart phone. The kind of smart phones others are

Are The Battery Life Claims Of Laptops Overstated?

One thing that is the primary concern of every laptop user is whether or not their battery will last long enough for them to complete an assigned task. It has been discovered that manufacturers of laptops tend to overstate their battery life, but measuring it meaningfully can be challenging. Trusting the processor speed or memory

2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Gets A Midcycle Makeover

It feels like yesterday since we got the Mercedes Benz C-Class but car is already due for a midcycle update. Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse Limousine AMG-Line, Exterieur: designo selenitgrau magno, Interieur: Leder platinweiß pearl/schwarz // Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan AMG line, exterior: designo selenite grey magno, interior: platinium white pearl/black. PHOTO CREDIT: AutoGuide.com Although the updates are not

Editorial: As The World Celebrates Radio Day Today

Today is World Radio Day, a day set aside to celebrate radio, why we love it and why we need it now, more than ever. A day to remember the unique power of radio to touch lives and bring people together across every corner of the globe. It was proclaimed on 3 November 2011 by

All The Things You Can Do With Your Old And Unusable Smartphones

Smartphones are the craze and everybody loves and uses them now but what happens to them when they become old and unusable? Phones have become a necessity that every modern person finds it difficult to go anywhere without them. The weird thing about smartphones however is they practically don’t last for more than two years

Volvo Has Amazing Things In Store For 2019

The Volvo Polestar brand is still at its inception stages but it’s evident that the company has incredible plans for the future. Volvo has announced the launch of the Volvo S90-based Polestar 1 next year, with a hybrid performance coupe of 600 horsepower. As great as this sounds, the car is a limited edition halo car

What You Need To Know About Whatsapp For Business

Yesterday I announced that WhatsApp for Business is available for Nigerians to use. I got a lot of questions as regards what it is like and how it is used. I also got another important question, which was, how it is different from the normal WhatsApp. Let’s dive in. 1) To download WhatsApp for Business,

3 Seo Big Mistakes To Avoid When Creating The Design For A Website

SEO Big Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your New Website Nowadays, in the era of fierce competition, it is imperative for you to ensure that you begin the search engine optimization of your website at the right time. You must ensure that you call your search engine optimization expert in the early stages of the

5 Seo Tools To Improve Your Website Rankings

Search Engine Optimization is not an easy thing, and it’s one of the toughest jobs to handle. Sometimes, it becomes so difficult to face the challenges, that SEO looks to get a handy tool to make its job easier. But, the more features there are, the higher the price. There are still thousands of free

All You Need To Know About The New Samsung S9

Last month, Samsung announced the unveiling of the new Samsung S9 and S9 Plus at the World Mobile Conference happening at the end of this month in Barcelona. Although there were little or no details about the phone revealed, details have been leaking on the internet for the past couple of weeks. Photo Credit: Sim-Unlock.net

8 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Whatsapp

WhatsApp is hard to avoid. The uber-popular messaging app has over 300 million active daily users, so there’s a good chance most people you know are on it. But that doesn’t mean it’s good. In fact, far from it. All your friends are on it. Unfortunately, nobody is asking the crucial question: Is WhatsApp actually

10 Green Technologies That Could Save Our Planet

In an era where the emission of carbon and other pollutants is at peak, the environment is getting worse day-by-day. This results in droughts, food shortage, climate change, and other abnormal environmental factors. It’s right to say that we humans have made the mess out of our planet. But, there’s still hope that we can

6 Blogging Practices That Scare Away Potential Visitors

There are several actions you put up in your websites that happens to scare away your potential visitors thereby making it impossible for people to stay for long in your website and also brings down user experience and also increase bounce rate. When your website visitors find anything wrong with your website, they wouldn’t report

Samsung Officially Unveils The “galaxy S9” On February 25

The launch date for the new Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone has been confirmed as the 25th of February, 2018. The multinational phone company released an invitation which comes in the form of a large purple “9” on a black background highlighting the words: The camera. Reimagined. Although no further details have been revealed about the

How To Start An Educational Blog In Nigeria

Are you a coach or someone that loves teaching people stuff? Here’s Goodnews for you! Starting an educational blog in Nigeria that helps you reach out to your audience directly is not only a good thing to do, it’s one of the best decision you’ll make as a blogger. Reason is because not only is

Nike Releases Footwear With All-Foam Bottom

Nike has unveiled their first shoe with an all-foam sole. The sole was made by a new foam technology called React. The shoe– named Nike Epic React Flyknit— is a running shoe with an all foam sole and a knitted upper which makes it ideal for lightweight running. The React foam technology was first launched in

Give Your Iphone Texts Some Privacy

We all have those conversations we do not want people stumbling on when they happen to come in contact with our phones. If you use an iPhone, here are some iOS tips that can help you keep your conversations private. Photo Credit: Wall Street Journal Remove Lock Screen Alerts Chances are that you already have

Samsung Plans To Double Its Africa’S Share To 20% In 5 Years

South Korean electronics giant, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd plans to double the annual revenue contribution from its African markets to 20 percent of the company’s total revenue globally in the next five years. Head of Business on the continent, Samsung Electronics, Mr. Sung Yoon, said Samsung accounts for over half of the mobile handsets and

The Samsung Galaxy A8 Series Full Specs & Price

Samsung Galaxy A8 Samsung Mobile haven intimated the public about its Galaxy A8 & A8+ series late December 2017; officially releases the smartphones. Samsung ain’t setting the bar; they are the bar. Though, not much is really spectacular but it’s sure a welcome development in the smartphone world; and a better upgrade on previous series.

6 Ways You Are Unintentionally Destroying Your Smartphone

Smartphones keep us connected, informed and much more. For many of us, they have become more than a simple tech tool, so we should probably take better care of them than we do. Instead of treating them as if they are toys that can be replaced, we should handle them as if our lives and

Glo Has Not Acquired 9Mobile

Telecommunications giant Globacom, has distanced itself from media reports which insinuated that it was the preferred bidder to acquire telecommunications company, 9Mobile. A press statement issued in Lagos on Friday said: “Globacom has not acquired 9Mobile as widely reported in the media.” According to the company; “We are bound by the terms of the acquisition

Facebook Plans Major Changes To News Feed

Facebook is to change how its news feed works, making posts from businesses, brands and media less prominent. Instead, content that sparks conversations among family and friends who use the site will be emphasised, explained chief executive Mark Zuckerberg on his page. Organisations on Facebook may see the popularity of their posts decrease as a

Nigeria Ended 2017 With 101,695 Domain Names

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) said on Friday that 101,695 domain names existed in the country’s domain registry as at 2017, up from 76,907 names recorded in 2016. The President of NIRA, Mr. Sunday Folayan, made this known in a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Friday.

Ncc Denies 9Mobile Buyer’S Emergence On January 16

The Nigerian Communications Commission has denied reports that a new owner of 9mobile will emerge on January 16, 2018. The Director, Public Affairs, NCC, Mr. Tony Ojobo, said in a statement on Thursday that January 16 was only scheduled as the deadline for the receipt and review of bidding offers from prospective buyers. He affirmed

How To Clear Space On Your Phone Without Losing Important Content

Everyone who owns a smartphone has faced this challenge at least once, that awkward moment when you want to take a picture with a celebrity or record an important event in real-time, only for the phone to read “Low Storage”. For those who have experienced this, here are some quick ways to create space on

10 Reasons To Dump Your I-Phone For An Android Phone

Everyone knows iPhones are classy, beautiful and unique. They are also expensive and specially made for a certain class of consumers. Many iPhone users buy the device because of the class and value, not because they really need it or prefer it to Android phones. However, this might be the time to switch to an

Photos Of The Longest Glass Bridge In The World That China Just Opened

China has officially opened the longest glass-bottomed suspension bridge in the world. The bridge is located in the Hebei Province’s Hongyagu Scenic Area. The bridge, which is definitely a test of a tourist’s bravery spans 488 meter (1,600 feet) over a vertical drop of 218 meters (715 feet). Tourists were spotted trooping to the bridge

Abuja Light Rail Set To Begin Operation, As Test Coaches Arrive

The secretary, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Transport Secretariat, Comrade Kayode Opeifa has disclosed that the long awaited Abuja Light Rail is now set to commence operations. Speaking when took the delivery of three coaches, meant for the test operations of the railway services in Abuja at the weekend, Opeifa revealed that the ultra-modern coaches have

15 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Blogging as a profession over the years has evolved in the way it used to be done.Every business owner who’s ever hosted a blog has experienced the frustration of trying to gain readership.Most people have given up on blogging due to low traffic but I will advice you to remain consistent and learn new ways