Disturbing Pictures Of People Moments Before They Died

There is something about death that makes the best of us shudder to our very core though it is the least we want to worry about. But we human beings have adopted the best way of tackling this aspect. How do we do that? By accepting it and not thinking about it. Because we know

Itsekiri Names And Their Meanings

Alero — Female firstborn Abidemi (Demi) – A child born before either the father or grandparents arrive Aboyowa (Oyo) – Child that brought joy Arenyeka (Yeka) — You cannot walk the universe Besida (Besi) — As destiny dictates/decides Dolor — Money Ebeji — Twins Orighomisan (Misan) — My head is good Toritsefe (Tofe) — What

8 Facts About Agberos (Garage Boys) In Lagos

If you don’t know what an Agbero is, just take a bus to Oshodi or Mushin bus stop. Then look out for one black guy with red eyes with stitches on his face and a neatly wrapped smoking white paper in between his two fingers.. Ask him who an Agbero is, but don’t tell him

Top 15 Horrifying Websites You Should Never Ever Visit.

There are some very disturbing and creepy websites on the internet, when you visit, it scares the hell out of you. These horrifying websites are so dreadful, that it sends shivers down your spine, no matter how strong of a horror fan you maybe. These sites will be hard to digest, once you go into

Five Illnesses To Treat With Avocado Leaves

Its avocado season and we are all for it. Packed with active nutrients such as alpha and beta pinene, monosaturated fat and flavonoids, avocado has been proven to be a potent drug and has health benefits are good for the overall human system. Not only is the fruit good for the body, its leaves have

5 Amazing Things You Need To Know About Common Sense

Most people usually use the compound word called “common sense” connotively and misconceptively with the mindset that it’s synonymous to intelligence/brilliance. This fallacy has caged a lot of persons in the bondage of ignorance, hindering them from grabbing the practical and factual exposition of the term “common sense”. Statistic has also proven that the rate

Check out this Nigerian man’s definition of a good wife

Nigerian man with the Facebook name O’Thomas Rado wrote: “A good wife is someone that bougt a land and build a house with her own money, but use his husband name on the c of ownership.” Lol. Lazy man talk… Soource: LInda Ikeji’s blog

Check Out Touching Photos Of Baby Born With Multiple Birthmarks

  Christopher Mays Jr. Christopher Mays Jr. was born last year with a rare skin condition called Nevus. The spots on his skin hasn’t prevented the parents from loving him as the mother has opened an Instagram account for him where he has recorded over 4,000 followers. The spots have made him unique among babies

2019: What will happen if we remove Buhari from power – APP

The National Chairman of the Action Peoples Party (APP), Mr Ikenga Ugochiyeri, has said that the party would rebuild Nigeria’s economy and unite the people if voted into power in 2019. Ugochiyeri stated this on Monday in Abuja at the official public unveiling of the party. According to him, the insecurity and spate of killings

5 Birthday Photshoot ideas for your beloved one year old

Becoming a parent has to be one of the greatest gift, God has given mankind. From when you carry them in the womb to when they’re born, everything about one’s life just changes. You can’t help but watch them when they sleep, love the way they smile, be fascinated at every little thing about your

Tips For Driving Out A Car Stuck In Mud Or Sand

  Unexpectedly getting stuck in the mud/sand can be annoying and frustrating at the same time especially when there is no one readily available to help you out. There are options that could be explored to get the issue resolved. Something like getting a tow van is one of them. But how quick will their

How To Make A Super Breakfast Smoothie

What better way to start your day than with a meal that’s well balanced and packed with nutrients? This recipe is fabulous for soothing inflammatory conditions. In the spirit of the Endometriosis awareness month, we recognise that food is one way to fight the painful condition and its symptoms. Pineapple and pawpaw contain anti-inflammatory enzymes

How To Make Your Nails Pop

Believe it or yes, the girl with the most beautiful nails gets a lot of attention. A person’s nails speaks volumes of your general physical wellbeing. To achieve fabulous, attention-grabbing nails, ensure you do the following: Always use a sunscreen before your manicure. This will prevent the nails from getting aged on time. Hydrate your

3 Reasons Why President Buhari Might Win Again In 2019

  President Muhammadu Buhari Incidents in the last couple of months have proved that President Muhammadu Buhari’s achievements in office might be a smokescreen with reference to the three cardinal points of his electioneering campaign. The former military dictator was railroaded to power based on the major promises of: (1) Creation of jobs (at least

Tuberculosis: Early diagnosis, treatment key

Tuberculosis diagram As the World Tuberculosis (TB) Day is marked this Saturday, physicians have said the disease affects nine million people and causes death of about 1.5 million globally in a year. TB is said to be the ninth leading cause of death worldwide and the leading cause from a single infectious agent, ranking above

Here’s Why It’s Not Good To Nap After A Meal

You have most likely heard warnings against lying down right after eating but never really understood why it is spoken against. Dr Zayad Ahmed, a family physician at the National Hospital, Abuja, has advised people to avoid lying down immediately after a meal as such practice could be responsible for common abdominal pains. Photo credit:

5 Makeup looks to steal his heart forever

You have a reason to be out for the weekend and your gut instinct tells you this might be the day you would meet the man you have spent your whole life waiting for. So, you have set aside the best outfit and shoes but you also know that a good makeup brings the best

How To Read Even When You Can’t

Sometimes the pressures of life rob us of the opportunity to do some of the things we love. Book lovers are not an exemption and even with availability of technology, most people still find it difficult to take out time to enjoy a good book. If you fall into this category, these tips are for

11 Ways Average And Rich People Think

1. Average people think MONEY is the root of all evil. Rich people believe POVERTY is the root of all evil. 2. Average people think selfishness is a vice. Rich people think selfishness is a virtue. 3. Average people have a lottery mentality. Rich people have an action mentality. 4. Average people think the road

Check Out These Lovely Pre Wedding Photos Of Soldier & His Fiance

These Pre-wedding photos of a Nigerian military couple are currently trending online and people who see the photo, fall in love with it. Barely months after a military lady said that men shouldn’t be scared to approach the military women they love them. With news of Ghanaian military women finding it hard to get hooked,

6 Amazing Tips For Improving Your Grammar

Being good in English always seems to be the desire of most people. The desperation of attaining grammatical buoyancy and fluency in English language often appears to be the wish of everyone. At the midst of this desperation, many person believe it’s impossible to master English due to its weird nature. But the truth is

3 Important Things To Know Before You Marry A Fulani Lady

The Fulani people are one of the most widely spread tribes in the world. They are predominantly found in West Africa and northern parts of Central Africa. Some of these countries include; Nigeria, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Cameroun and Senegal. The Fulani people of Nigeria are mainly pastoral; they move across vast areas of land and

4 Amazing Facts About Religion You Need To Know

Numerous views, opinions, definitions and contributions have been made over the years concerning RELIGION. Many philosophers, Religionists, theists and atheists have  extracted different opinions regarding Religion. Religion factually seems to lack any standard definition and denotive meaning. Most of the views that has been aired regarding religion erupted out of emotions, assumptions, imaginations and delusions.

How To Keep Your Energy Up Throughout The Day

Most times, what you put in your body and when contributes to how you all through the day, and something as simple as hydrating could mean the difference between feeling good and feeling tired. To help you, here is a list of minor things you can do to feel less tired. Have fibre for breakfast

This Is What Your Belly Button Says About Your Health

We rarely look at our belly button and take care of it. It is rarely cleaned and taken care off, some of us do not even know what it means to the body. However, it has its own importance. The new research conducted by various scientist have revealed different aspects of the shape of the

15 Adorable Things About Men That Women Can’t Resist

Every individual has their own weird things that turn them on. Sometimes women can’t resist certain things men do or some of their body parts and traits. We all are different and unique and so is our taste and idea of our ideal man, that’s how we find love. Men are believed to be the