BREAKING: Nigeria faces Argentina, Croatia, Iceland in World Cup

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  1. author

    Sobomabo whyte2 weeks agoReply

    Wating for the last team to join us

  2. author

    kelechi dara2 weeks agoReply

    Good update

  3. author

    Rukaiyatu Yau2 weeks agoReply

    We will win

  4. author

    kells2 weeks agoReply

    Nigerian must qualify

  5. author

    Oluwafemi Ayokanmbi2 weeks agoReply

    We were grouped with Argentina again???

  6. author

    Uduakobong Udofa2 weeks agoReply

    Non of the teams will dismiss Nigeria with the wave of the hand. Anyone that does faces the risk of being eliminated.

  7. author

    Olawale Obafemi2 weeks agoReply

    wow nice update

  8. author

    Awurum Clifford2 weeks agoReply

    I believe the Eagles can make us proud, I so much believe in them

  9. author

    ogochukwu blessing2 weeks agoReply

    Up Eagles ,De God who taken us far will us see us win ooo

  10. author

    Chigozie Anyanwu2 weeks agoReply

    eagles i knw

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