BREAKING News: US Secretary Of State Who Visited Nigeria Yesterday Sacked By President Trump

Rex Tillerson

President Donald Trump has fired US Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson who visited President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa yesterday.

He will be replaced by CIA director Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump announced in a tweet on Tuesday morning.

The president did not provide any information on when the current secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, would step down.

Of Pompeo, Trump said: “He will do a fantastic job!”

In the tweet, Trump also announced Gina Haspel would become the first female director of the CIA, replacing Pompeo. 


“Congratulations to all,” Trump tweeted.


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350 Replies to “BREAKING News: US Secretary Of State Who Visited Nigeria Yesterday Sacked By President Trump”

    1. is it a crime for us officials to visit other country again precisely the president of a great nation Nigeria

  1. Nigeria/US relations is getting frosty again for so many reasons, The inhumane treatment meted to Nigerians in Libya,incessant killings by herdsmen and monumental corruption and general insecurity in Nigeria and Africa are few of the reasons I can adduce now.

  2. I love the action of my honorable president Donald Trump because he suppose to know everything about his whereabout so do not blame anyone

  3. This headline is posited as if to say that he was sacked for visiting Nigeria. But if even that’s the case, we understand that Trump has no regard for us as a nation and I think it is consequent upon our “educated” President.

    1. Trump respects nobody. He thinks he can just come out of nowhere and start sacking people anyhow.

  4. Like I said before, a wise man needs to covers him/her with wise people, even with men wiser than he is. Trump knows what he’s doing.

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