Biafra protesters against military invasion at UN Office New York.


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  1. author

    Sobomabo whyte3 months agoReply

    Let them rest IPOB

  2. author

    prosper prominent3 months agoReply

    noted info

  3. author

    IKO-ABASI ANTIA3 months agoReply

    Please IPOBS should calm down

  4. author

    Adegbite Segun3 months agoReply

    ipob and wahala

  5. author

    JEREMIAH EFEKODO3 months agoReply

    its of no use

  6. author

    SHITTU AKEEM3 months agoReply


  7. author

    kayode oyebanji3 months agoReply

    Na their own wahala..

  8. author

    Samuel IbeOjo Okoh3 months agoReply

    thanks for update

  9. author

    Arinoye Peter3 months agoReply

    dem no fit face military unless dem want war

  10. author

    Awurum Clifford3 months agoReply

    Biafra in diaspora are not giving up

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