With the Right Amount, Which Would You Buy First, House or Car?

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In Nigeria, there is an unwritten law that says it is a taboo to buy a car in somebody’s house(as a tenant). So, when you hit it big, the first thing you’re expected to do is buy a land and start building instead of buying a car. People who buy cars worth millions of Naira and pack it in someone else’s house are seen as senseless people.

Times are changing, and so are people’s needs. For me, I could buy car before a house. Which works for you?

Car first or House???


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50 Replies to “With the Right Amount, Which Would You Buy First, House or Car?”

  1. A house first because its also an assets. It don’t depreciate instead it’ll appreciate with time. A House cannot be over emphasised.

  2. you guys are really wonderful you give us the latest updates from every angles of the world really appreciate hope to see more, NNU is number one

  3. I must build house before buying a car,many people does this ,buying car before house,but it is not making sense

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