What do you think this Oyinbo man was thinking???

As in, Africans have their way and it is so different from that of the West. You can only see this type of a thing in our beloved Nigeria and frankly we like it like that.

So, this foreigner was probably taken aback – thinking in his head, why are this people like this? Can you caption this photo?


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288 Replies to “What do you think this Oyinbo man was thinking???”

  1. He’s thinking of how he can mordenize it. And he is considering of the healthwise in eating it because its too exposed.

    1. Exactly…he might have tasted it and loved it thereby thinking of a better way to presenting it other than exposing it this way

    1. Yea… Unknown w whites and their love for always wanting to know… He would be imagining how good or bad it would taste…

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