I’m s*x starved and whenever we do have s*x, I can hardly go more than one round (Help)

Hello everyone, this reader needs your best professional advice. Please drop your suggestions below in the comment section of this post and he’ll be reading through. Thanks.

If you’re in a bit of a situation in your relationship and you need someone to talk to, do drop it here; [email protected] and we’ll definitely fix you up. Have a great day everyone.


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227 Replies to “I’m s*x starved and whenever we do have s*x, I can hardly go more than one round (Help)”

  1. The starving issue is your fault, your wife already know what she get if she allows u to do, so no need of wasting her time, as for now going more than a round, there many drugs that help on that.

  2. What exactly is the problem? Is it that you are having a premature ejaculation or that you are having wick erection? He should be specific

  3. you guys are really wonderful you give us the latest updates from every angles of the world really appreciate hope to see more, NNU is number one

  4. This issue of yours needs medical attention as well as counselling by a professional Psychiatric I believe once you go about this everything will be back to normal

  5. you not putting blame on your wife is a half way solve problem and seeking for public advice try to see your doctor and try to take herbs that can solve your problem

  6. It depends on the individual this thing is from the heart and also u check what u eat and also go for local herbs it will help too.

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