Activists Burn Coffin In Lagos To Protest Against Nigeria’s Separation (Photos)

Following the rise of different separatist groups such as Arewa Nation, Oduduwa Republic, Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB and others, some activists today held a protest in Lagos to express dissatisfaction with the call for Nigeria’s separation and restructuring. Here are some photos from the protest.

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  1. author

    Sunday Abama3 months agoReply

    Dem dem know what dey are doing…

    • author

      rasaq balogun3 months ago

      a totally different approach to protest.

  2. author

    Adegbite Segun3 months agoReply

    sure I agree with this

  3. author

    Ahmed umar3 months agoReply

    We just have to be careful in this country, people calling or fueling for breakup are mostly old cargoes that could die anytime and live us to wallow in poverty and suddenness

  4. author

    Badmus Jelili3 months agoReply

    I don’t want the Nigeria to separate as well but what good has the unity brought to us pls let think of it so i think everybody should go their separate way

  5. author

    akinnitire femi3 months agoReply

    seperation is not a problem we need right now in nigeria but togetherness is wat we need

  6. author

    Atewe Rosemary3 months agoReply

    We are one Nigeria. We don’t need separation

  7. author

    Sule Elimelech3 months agoReply

    Activist are doing their work,Nigeria needs to be united now to fight corruption,insurgency and recession.

  8. author

    Awurum Clifford3 months agoReply

    What kind of occultic act is that

  9. author

    tosigno3 months agoReply

    we cannot do without each other cos that is why we are together. we need each other to survive so why the separation?

  10. author

    Samuel IbeOjo Okoh3 months agoReply

    we dont need to separate, we are one nigeria

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