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Teen Girl of Nowadays are Well Packaged Compared to the former! (My Reason)

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Teen Girl of Nowadays are Well Packaged Compared to the former


Good Day Nipers!

I am Mbah, Samuel Obinna

I have a different view concerning Teenage Girls of nowadays! Let's digest this very well and provide responses to my question. 

Teenage Girls of nowadays are well to mingle with, entangle with and most of all Intelligent and fun to be with.. 

Most teenage girls of this day, are very organize in most of the thing they do, 
Acting as thou they've turn 25 years already, having better views in issues of life compared to the former!

They are well dressed, mostly attractive and have bettered manner and good company, that's when you dabble into the right one though! 

I know teens age is usually when their blood get so hot, their hormones are very active, they are very inquisitive to know what and they always want to taste and feel a thing to have better view towards it. 

This is why I've decided to choose my wife to be from this range(teenager)..

My wife to be is a teenage girl of 18yrs and I am 29 years.. I intend to marry her in her 20s.. 2 years from now! 

I love her so dearly! 
I don't want to make mistake in marriage! 

Pls advice me, Are mine really taking the right decision?

God bless you as you respond positively 

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