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SWOT Analysis of NNU Income Program

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The Ordinary Ideology of NNU 

Greetings to you al NiPers in the housel.

I bring good News, will you mind I share this thing that have been a burden to me ever since I join this ever-growing Multi-National platform called NNU.. Which has come to bridge the gap of non readability of Nigerians! 

It's already an established fact if  you want to hide anything from an average African man, say Nigeria; you wouldn't have to bother thinking where to hide it, as the best place you can do that is hide it inside a book, for 90% of us (Nigerian) will never see it since we haven't cultivated the habit of "Reading" this is the major and primary brain behind "NNU" prepare its teaming members and make us reading-inclined,  when this is not achieved probably because of the secondary brain behind NNU, which is to "Enrich it's member's pocket as to reduce Poverty in the land & increase Reading Ability, obviously the Vision of NNU will be truncated" because of not attaining to it. 

Now how do we help to attain to this height in order to achieve the goals and objective of NNU is by practically understanding it's "Common and Ordinary Ideology" 

I will like us to adopt a model/methodology  called "SWOT"

Every organization MUST know their SWOT analysis as it will help them to unlock the underlying issues of their organization! 

Let's consider the the first acronym 
S_Strength....NNU as an affiliate program cannot withstand the taste of time if more people(member) doesn't join in the community! Simply put,  if NNU must continually increase its traffic, more users ( weather member or non member) need to visit the website, explore the web, perform task as stipulated as a registered member or just read the updated or outdated news and leave as a non registered member. By this act alone the hope of NNU is kept alive. 

W_Weakness....When the admin do not constantly interact with her members in knowing their opinion, what's in their mind and sharing new ideas with them, will surely bring a bridge in communication between the top(leaders) and the base(subject). When this happens , automatically something will go wrong and the system become threatened. 
Again, anyone who isn't Information Technology(IT) inclined can't join in NNU, thereby limiting the rapid growth of this platform! For people to join in this platform they should be ready to burn their subscription ( data), stay online to read and comment on News as they drop and sharing of Sponsored post  in  individual's Facebook timeline! With all of these activities, it is imperative that NNU is for the young ones not the old schools, hence elderly ones won't have time for all of this.
It might also interest you to know that some young ones who aren't / still battling to be IT friendly, struggles to share their Sponsored Post and commenting on news/forum sections. 

O_Opportunity..... It is evident that NNU has got lots of opportunities, the once currently available and the other yet to be unfolded by the CEO of this great Organization! 
Firstly,  NNU has given her members the opportunity of reading current news as it drops hot from its source and in its magnanimous gesture also pay her members for reading and commenting news... Isn't this out of the box? Who does it Best  than NNU? None as long as online biz is concerned! 
Not only does it reward her members, NNU also make her members become potential authors, who write wonderful piece as this one and share them in the "Forum Corner" for other members to digest and share their views! 
Obviously the opportunity in NNU is numerous to be mentioned  and beneficial to every soul who visits the site in search for a better and highly updated information.

Still in the opportunity, on the 9th of August! The CEO also announced making Niper a millionaire in this wonderful program, this method is design to reward most active NiPer monthly by making at least one NiPer a millionaire.
The requirement is simply by texting NNU to 33811, to become a subscriber to this package of Empowerment 
One(1) Million Naira up for grab at the end of every month beside the usually basic payout which comes up every 27th of every month! 
Indeed NNU has come to salvage the alarming poverty in the land. 

T_Threat....The admin in their own wisdom was able to salvage the issue of earning news  that were outdated! 
If they hadn't discover this in time, indeed it would have caused lots of harm to the system! Also, We all know that customers are insatiable, their need can never be completely met. They will always complain and nag unnecessarily even after you address their matter thousand times, they'll still complain... 
The Admin also have been able to constantly and tactically and temporarily disabled the "Commenting section" to curb flooding the support group with unnecessary and incessant Complaint that may cause commotion from the members, understanding the fact that most complain have damaging Consequence in the system, if not checked by them, the system may not last as expected! 

I know NNU have indeed come to save mankind financially for which I am a Chief beneficiary that's why I MUST remain committed to the system! 

I see what the Vision Bearer (Paul Samson) sees! 
Don't just eat today and forget tomorrow! 
Ensure you understand properly the Ideology of NNU then you'll really be a better and a transformed tool to the system and proffer solutions to other! 

Haven't known this now, let's discuss further.

This is My definition of NNU Ideology, I don't know about you! 

What's your own ideology about NNU? 
How do you see NNU? 
What do you take NNU for? 

God bless you for your response! 

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