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Home » Must Read » 7 Things That Can Get You Into Trouble With The Police (Sars)

7 Things That Can Get You Into Trouble With The Police (Sars)

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is notorious for profiling people, mostly young Nigerians.

The activities of the special police unit are now
trending on social media » . Hundreds of people are narrating the experience with SARS operatives.

If the tweets are anything to go by, you could get arrested by SARS for looking or dressing some type of way. The reasons range from the ridiculous to the unbelievable.

Pulse has compiled a list of ten things that shouldn’t get you arrested by SARS but still do. You can read them below;

1) Tattoos

Tattoos are works of art and harmless fun but SARS use it to profile criminals. Having a tattoo or tattoos would most likely make you a suspect in the eyes of SARS officials. These law enforcement officials seem to believe only criminals have tattoos.
If you bump into any of them and have a tattoo you are going to be in big trouble. The chances of being arrested and interrogated are pretty high.

2) Laptops

Having a laptop shouldn’t be a big deal but for SARS operatives it is another indicator that you are into Internet fraud. The mere possession of a laptop would get you into serious trouble with SARS operatives.
If you do not have a receipt for the laptop then you are in big trouble which might land you in a prison cell. SARS officers don’t believe ordinary citizens should own laptops.

3) Dreadlocks & Beards

SARS operatives have been known to arrest men with dreadlocks and beards. It is code red for them. You could be artistic, woke and be a member of the beard gang, SARS could care less. No one really knows the connection between crime and having dreadlocks and a beard.
You could be as gentle as a dove and still get arrested for having dreads and beards.

4) Ear piercing

Mainstream Nigeria has always frowned on men with ear piercings so this is not much of a surprise. SARS operatives have jumped on this stereotype to arrest and detain young men with ear piercings.

5) Possession of a mobile phone

In the 21st century, everyone should have a mobile phone. The men of the SARS don’t seem to think this way. Once they stop you in public, the next thing is to ask for your phone and search it with no warrant. The more expensive your phone, the bigger the trouble you are in. You could be called a cultist or Internet fraudster once they go through your phone.

6) Driving a car

If you are young and have a car, trust me, SARS will pull you over several times and search it. There are unconfirmed stories of SARS operatives planting incriminating objects in the cars of innocent Nigerians to get them arrested.

7) Dress s exy

It’s not only men that get wrongly profiled by SARS, women too are victims. Thanks to the anti-SARS Twitter thread we’ve found out that these policemen pick on women too. Their style is to harass women who they think dress like prostitutes. These unlucky women are thrown into vans for interrogation or a ride around town.



  1. Thanks for letting out this information to help innocent people

  2. Thanks for making people realize this information

  3. Akinkuade olabisi

    But I still don’t see reasons this should cause an arrest for crying out loud

  4. Yes, this is true o.

  5. Yes those things can lead u into their trouble but that isn’t their job . they are just hungry men looking for food and money

  6. Dis a good improvent by them at least we the innocent ones know how to follow up

  7. To be sincere, they are all true

  8. They just don’t know there job…

  9. Noble Anyalewechi

    God help us, can’t they just leave us alone?

  10. innocent iwuchukwu


  11. Chioma Rebbecca Obi

    it seems SARS needs to. be educated on their job

  12. This will let someone know how to behave

  13. Placing arrest without warrant has been the order of the day for most Nigeria security System


    Thank you for the wonderful tips to move safely

  15. Oluwatomisin Lawal

    I dont see any reason for them to harrass citizens…people abroad does these 7 things without been harassed…..these 7 things are not offences in our constitution…God save Nigeria

  16. SARS are not worth it, the even injure an unharmed citizen

  17. So they are against the modern technology, they should go and stop the producers of laptops and mobile phones. Rubbish people with rubbish mindset.

  18. I would say youths should be modest in everything they do. Sars are not animals. They’d have watch you and your attitude before arresting.

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