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"5 Things To Do For You To Know If He Deserves You Or Not"

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I have heard many ladies telling themselves this guy deserves you, he is calm, handsome, caring. This doesn’t deserve you, he is only a player, once he enters you that is the end.

I will not say the assertion is true or false, possibly they have heard about the guy from someone or they are the direct source that couldn’t open up (Some girls cannot even be truthful to their best friend you know �).

Here are five things you need to do to be able to know if he is the right or he is the player “if” you desire a serious relationship:

1. Know his background

Don’t be deceived that background doesn’t matter for you to know if he will deserve you or not.

Some people, not just the guys but the girls too are the picture of what their background is.

Some are used to cheating because it is what their parent do for living.

Some that are raised by just the father due to betrayal on the part of the woman may have poisoned the mind of the guy that what his mum did is the reflection of what other women outside are.

The lady that grew under the training of just her mum after divorce due to the fact that the husband usually abuse her not just physically but emotionally most times build the lady to be mean to guys with the mindset that all men are equal.

I am not saying that is how everyone in such situation thinks, some of them do this and it affects the guy or the lady that they will not want to fall in same trap as the one shared by their source or that they experienced.

2. Ask about him

Starting a relationship goes beyond just accepting everyone that comes your way without knowing about that person himself even after you have known about the background because most times some guys have good parents and they are trained well but get it wrong the moment they mixed with others without good training.

It is good to make enquiries about him from those around him and make some conclusions through things you see around him.

You might have heard so many times that appearance is reality, believe me, many things we see physically are the truth in many cases.

3. Watch his attitude when it comes to money and you

This is almost general among guys, that women are moved by money, especially when they want to start a relationship with a lady.

The moment his attitude is showing you that money is what you need, you need to be watchful.

The truth is that some of this guys have had experiences with other girls, they know a lot about girls, unfortunately, it is the bad things they know about them, hence, they categorize you under them and will want to entice you with it.

The moment you notice this from someone who is just asking you out you need to be extra careful and need to prove to him you are not the type.

4. His history relationship-wise

The truth is that many history makes the future. Except from those that are yet to be in a relationship before, you need to know the reason for breakup of the previous relationship.

The history is very essential as it makes you know the type of person you are in a relationship with.

Someone who cannot tell you the truth about his past relationship needs proper check before you accept his proposal.

I know some men can lie, however, as a woman you know how to get he truth of any situation when it comes to a man you want to know about, isn’t it?

5. Give him a trial

Even after you have done all the above, giving him the chance to prove himself is very essential.

For many guys if you don’t try them out you may not know if he deserves you or just another player.

The background might be deceitful, the friends he flocks with might just be bad while he is the good egg, don’t forget, your appearance in his life might even take him out of their midst finally.

His history might also have gone through another series of scrutinization which might have changed him for better.

Judging him with some of those things above might be deceitful, but one thing is very certain, dating someone who you have not really known before for a more than a year or less can open your eyes to everything you need to know about him.

So many guys cannot hide their behavior for even a week let alone a month, but if you don’t give them a trial you may not be able to know the reality of any man.

Many from good homes have even failed when you thought they should be better.

Some will fall to the temptations that stairs on their face and all, without trying him out you may not know if he is the right or wrong.

Judging one with the other will not also be the best until you try another as we can never be the same.

Like my religious leaders and brethren will say “prayer is the key”, prayer is very essential for guidance so as not to fall into wrong hands.

Don’t forget, the bad guys also have lovers, but if you are a good one your goodness or prayer can lead you to the right one.

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