5 photos that prove Odunlade Adekola is unserious

Popular Yoruba actor Odunlade Adekola is one hell of an entertainer!
Known as a versatile actor, Adekola is also another star that keeps his fans entertained on social media.

From funny photos to videos, this star’s Instagram handle is lit!

Just look at these photos:

1. This goofy photo

2. Then he asked people which look they prefer

Hell no!

3. Of course, we can’t overlook this

Reminds us of “Guardians of the Galaxy” in a creepy way.

4. And this

5. Then this photo with Owen Gee, Daniel Lloyd and Frank Donga

Odunlade with Owen Gee, Daniel Lloyd and Frank Donga (Instagram)


  1. Mudi Abubakar1 week agoReply

    The above picture does not mean is not serious, the pictures is base on occasional activities

  2. Baaki Terlumun Fidelis1 week agoReply

    Every day comes with news that can inform humanity about happenings around the world

  3. Oyewale Emmanuel kolawole1 week agoReply

    The guy is a super star.I really love the guy

  4. Baaki Terlumun Fidelis1 week agoReply

    Listening to news is very innovative and informative. Lets keep ourselves current.

  5. Faith Albert1 week agoReply

    The great meme himself, how can someone be this hilarious…lol

  6. Victoria Ogunsanya1 week agoReply

    The pictures are based on what he does for a living, doesn’t prove that he is not serious

  7. Anonymous1 week agoReply

    is funny seriously is d best at d moment n is not yet done

  8. Aminat Ajibola1 week agoReply

    He just felt like being hilarious,the king of memes in Nigeria

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