3 Things You Can Do During Asuu Strike

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Ok people…!

I’ve been quiet lately due to some underground gigs I got going. ASUU strike is still on with little hope of a ‘call off’ in sight. This, therefore, pose a question (for those of us who’re currently at home due to the strike): What have you been doing with your time while the strike lasted?

Don’t join the ‘I don taya for this ASUU strike crew’ by lamenting while you sit at home rotting your butt off. Get up and get moving.

Below are things you can do during this strike period:

1. Read: Some of us (including me) were about to write exams before the strike action truncated our academic activity. Given that one can never tell when this industrial action will be called off or suspended, just continue to intensify your preparation for the examination as if it will hold next week. Cover all those areas in your course outline you’re yet to meet-up with, get more past questions if possible. Set daily reading targets and ensure you meet them by at least 80% (distraction contingent). You are the one to turn the industrial action by ASUU into a blessing in disguise. Don’t join the whining and complaining group of students who wouldn’t do nothing.

2. Get a Job/Internship (not necessarily with pay): The issue I have with most folks is that once you mention job-seek, application for a job or internship, they start whining with expressions like:

Where the job dey?

How much then go pay me?

I can’t teach oh!

I don’t need the stress abeg?!

There is no job/internship opportunity in town/its hard to find a job/internship!

My response to such category of students is: Lazybones, Oyo na your case!

Money shouldn’t be the motivation you require to search for a job?! No it shouldn’t! Inculcate the attitude of looking out for a need and meeting that need. Instead of money, make experience your key motivator. Do it for the experience. Some of us are supposed to be doing our IT/Teaching Practice by now but this has been postponed due to the industrial action by ASUU. Go get an internship position in whatever field you want to do IT on. Apply to teach (if necessary for free) in a private school mostly if you’re an Education student waiting your Teaching Practice. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did even if its for a month. Make sure you tell your boss/potential boss to write you a letter of experience after everything or an acknowledgement of your service in the organisation or school. With that you won’t be whining if in the nearest future, you applied for a job and they’re turning you down due to lack of experience. Believe me, I’m leading by example and the excitement and happiness I have right now knows no bound.

and finally…

3. Start a business or trade: You don’t have to amass ‘plenty money’ before you can start up a business these days. I have a friend who used this strike as an opportunity to start a campus networking gig and its growing like wild fire. Yours truly had recently sent an application to FG for the YouWin programme. I also have set up desktop computer and printer in my room for typing, printing and graphic design gigs of my own. Just think of something you can do with little or no cash. If you can’t do it alone, get others who will partner with you.


You don’t have to halt your living because of the ongoing industrial action. Get on and get moving. Do something with your time. Don’t let the hope of getting a certificate fast weigh you down to the point where you’re no longer living to your full potential. Personally, I will never let a bunch of old-hags determine weather my future is bright or bleak.

The industrial action by ASUU is a blessing in disguise for discerning minds.

He that has ear let him hear!

Unfortunately, this na wetin most Nigerian students no wan hear! SMH…