20 Health Benefits Of Bitter Leaf

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Bitter leaf plant whose botanical name is Veronia Amygdalina is a very popular herb, mostly recognized as vegetable. The Igbos call it Onugbu. The Yorubas call it Ewuro, while the Hausas call it Shiwaka. Every part of the plant is bitter: the leaves, stems, root and bark.

The bitter nature of this plant is one of its major characteristics and this characteristic is the reason why people rarely consume it. But at the midst of its bitter nature lies its medicinal benefits to one’s health. The fact is that bitter herbs (including bitter leaf) are good for the body.

Philosophically, bitter leaf serve the purpose of a memorandum, which remind us of the fact that life is not always sweet; that life is not “a bed of roses”; that both sweetness and bitterness are essential parts of life. Though young people, most especially Africans often asserts that life is always sweet. They use this fallacious assertion as an excuse for consuming less bitter substances. Research has shown that the longest life span in this century happens to be found in Asian countries like China because the people who lives there consume less sweet substances.

Bitter leaf serves different purposes but in this piece i would dicuss the medicinal values of this fabulous plant because few people are aware that this vegetable is of medicinal importance and can keep someone healthy all time.

Below are some of the health benefits of bitter leaf:

1. Bitter Leaf Cures Diabetes:
This is achieved by reducing the high sugar level because it speeds up the rate of metabolism and glucose uptake by the cells of the body. Once the sugar level of the cells is reduced by the consumption of bitter leaf, the cells would be restored to normalcy, thereby initiating the elimination of diabetes. This is indeed a good news to those suffering from diabetes ( diabetics).

2. Bitter Leaf Cures Toothache: 

The possesion of antibacterial effects by bitter leaf makes it one of the suitable remedy for combating toothache. This point has been proven to be scientifically correct.

3. It Prevents Cancer:

Bitter Leaf prevents the development of cancer. However, if someone is already suffering from this terrible disease, its can slow its progress and the regeneration of cancerous cells.

4. It Prevents Stroke.

5. It Prevents Heart Attack.

6. It Can Be Used To Treat Diarrhea.

7. It Can Be Used To Treat Dysentry.

8. It Can Be Used To Treat Typhoid.

9. Tuberculosis Can Be Treated With The Aid Of Bitter Leaf.

10. It Relieves Fever.

11. It Curbs The Challenge Of Pile.

12. It Improves Appetite.

13. Bitter Leaf Is Very Rich In Vitamins, Protein And Minerals.

14. It Can Be Used To Fight Skin Infections:

This is simply because bitter leaf has antibiotic and antifungal properties which makes the best medicine that’s capable of eliminating eczema, itching, rashes, ringworms and other superficial skin ailments.

15. It Is A Very Powerful Herb For Stds (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

16. It Cures Intestinal Parasitic Infections

17. It Helps To Maintain One’s Patience.

18. It Help To Build The Immune System.

19. Bitter Leaf Can Also Be Used To Treat The Problem Of Memory Loss.

20. Bitter Leaf Is The Best Remedy For Mouth And Ear Inflammation.

Hope you have seen some of the miraculous health benefits of Bitter leaf to the body? Permit me to summarize this piece by exposing the effects of pregnant women, though bitter leaf can be a very beneficial addition to their nutrition. But it is advisable to consume it in moderation. Do not make it your main diet, as bitter leaf has been shown to lead to a contraction of the uterus.

Extravagant intake of bitter leaf during the early stage of pregnancy could be perilous. Precisely, it can lead to miscarriage. But not withstanding, bitter leaf helps to prepare one’s body for birth.


NB: The aforementioned health benefits of bitter leaf are just some of its benefits.

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