10 Questions To Omoyele Sowore Before Campaigning For Him By Awe Owolabi Oluwaseyi

- 2 months ago - [ Must Read, Politics ]

Good afternoon Sowore, I would like to ask you few questions before I dedicate my time to compaigning for you.

1. What do you intend to do to our collapsed health system? What’s your take on health insurance scheme APC campaigned with but could not fulfill. Health insurance scheme that implies that one would pay little amount of money like 500 or 1000 naira and gets covered throughout the year.

2. What is your view about federalism as practiced in USA where the states control a lot of things like police, power, and other sectors thereby bringing govt closer to the people and the federal government doesn’t get to do much?

3. I believe Nigeria needs mentoring.. we need to look for a country we would follow their pattern and standard of development and style of governance… Which country would you want Nigeria to be like and have you been to that country?

4. No other citizen of the world is more hopeless than Nigerians, what would you do differently to restore back the hope of Nigerians and make their lives meaningful?

5. What would you do to de-emphasize money in Nigeria as there is a lot of desperation in the land traced to the fact that dignity, respect, and survival are based on money since majority do not have basic needs of life.

6. How do you discourage rural-urban drift which is currently caused by the non viability of many states? This has pushed unnecessary pressure on some states that are relatively doing well and laxity on those that are backward. As we speak, out of 36 states, not more than 4 states are viable in Nigeria.

7. How do you bring sanity back to our country? Things are getting out of hand, snakes, lizards, and baboons are swallowing our money, free money everywhere, graduates are riding okada, Education is now valueless, people prefer to travel n die abroad, crime rates are increasing, senseless killings everywhere etc?

8. How would make political offices unattractive and every politicians accountable? Would our Senators continue to earn 13million naira per month?

10. How do you think you can function well with these legislatures that would not share most of these views?
I am a sad lover of Nigeria. I want things to turn around in my generation and I want to be part of it.

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