🚩🔔 ⚠️💡 Important Announcement And Updates To All NiPERs

Dear Nipers, you are advised to read notification from your dashboard and adhered to NIP modus operandis.

See screenshot below, and avoid such mistake, these are just few of them.

No more account suspension

We usually review all comments, when you are caught violating rules, ALL your comments will be trashed and you will lose your comments earning.

Please follow the instruction and adhere to the terms to avoid misconduct.

We have added comment editing features to enable you edit your comment in case you want to correct a spelling or grammar error, or maybe you just regret saying something silly which you need to delete it asap.

This comment feature allow you to edit your comment within the next 90 minute after posting comment. So please take note.

The image above shows user avatar. If you wish to attach your photo or any photo to your profile like the above users, visit gravatar.com and register with your exact NNU account email, then upload photo you wish to use. Make sure you use the exact email address in your NNU account to enable this feature if you wish.

We are working on NIP improvement, please bear with us.

Beware, Do not to SPAM Facebook with your referral link, else your link will be blocked.

Happy Money Making.

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