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Update On Omoyele Sowore 2019 Fund Donation To Defeat Buhari

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The movement is getting interesting. Recall to interview with Sowore when he was asked; "Prosecuting election in Nigeria is known to cost several billions of naira. Where will you find the resources for this project?" SOWORE: Elections are always expensive – that’s true. However what is also true is that monies spent in Nigerian politics are not mainly focused on political mobilization or electioneering campaigns and organization. As a political movement for true change, we will not be spending money on buying votes or distributing rice to the electorate. Our monetary needs will be greatly reduced. We will be sourcing funds directly from the Nigerian people. Nigerians have demonstrated a capacity to devote their resources to projects that they believe in. The recent team that represented Nigeria in bobsledding at the Winter Olympics raised almost $200,000 – a lot of it from Nigerians. We are already seeing and receiving commitments for support. Our approach will revolutionize the way politics is funded in Nigeria. There is also a lot of support that is coming in the form of goodwill donations. For instance – I’ll be in Maryland this weekend at a town hall. A group of concerned Nigerians are funding that event. We also have something that counts for a lot – an army of technology savvy supporters and media platforms that will amplify our voice to the Nigerian people. Barack Obama raised millions of dollars from Nigerians in the US alone in 2008/2009 and subsequently after. 100,000 Nigerian contributing $200 per person can help fund a clean election devoid of dirty money. With that, we can win the presidency and bring them back a lot of change! Below is the update of how the donation is currently going on and we can see that the progress is amazing. Check this page from to time for the update.

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