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September Tip For All Nipers

By - - [ NNU Income ]


Please take your time to read this if truly you want to bank enough cash this September. You might be a registered member or not but i just wish to share one of my secret with you. If you can take action now, trust me you should be able to bank enough money before the end of September. You may not get all the amount of money you want but i am pretty sure that you should be able to get not less than 50%. Half bread is better than none. Take note of one thing before you read on: No matter any amount of money you want, you need people to get it. Without people, there is no way you can make that millions. NO WAY. Please if there is any other way kindly tell me. Even ritual, Yahoo+ and all illegal ways of earning, they all need people to make that money. Dangote need people to get to that level he is remember. On internet business, you need people to make that millions as well, either Fiverr, Blogging, Affiliate marketing FLP, Importation. We all need people to make sales in order to earn that money. The way you need people to buy fiverr gig to earn, the same way you need visitors on your blog before you earn, the same way you need people to buy your product on any other business niche before you can make that millions either online or offline. It all depend on your power of leverage, strategies and what you have to offer. Fast forward to the point : I am 100% sure and positive that you can make so much money with NNU Income opportunities. Tested and confirmed. I know what i am talking about. If you observe me carefully, you will notice that i always look for solution to people's problem financially. If you can resolve people's problem you are a millionaire. That's it. NNU Income is new, much people have no clue about it yet. This is where you need to grab the opportunity in order to earn as much as you want before it become very popular. Since when i setup this platform, i have been promoting it on Facebook and a lot of people are getting involved on daily basis because i have solution. A lot of people want to earn money online with less effort. Ponzi is no longer hit like before. MLM and referral is a challenge to some people. People need a system where they can at least be earning alternatively without referring ish. Thats where NNU Income comes in to play. With our new features of daily login, comment and earn, a lot of people are interested. I can keep this to myself and make as much as i want but that's not my calling. Now here is what smart guy do Because NNU is new, the fastest recruiters to create awareness earns more. That's one of the secret, we share with you Affiliate commission 50 50 including revenue share with the less earning and the remaining 50% from affiliate to pay members monthly. Now if you want to key into this lucrative idea, Facebook ads is all you need. You just need to invest token amount, calculate how much you want, divide it my 500 which is the 50% of your commission, the answer is = the number of people you need to get that money you want. Remember how i started this post, you need people to get the money. There are lot of strategies but the lazy brain will keep wondering around while the smart and busy brain will keep planing, strategizing and put idea into action. NOTE that you use money to find money. Before you will make millions, be rest assure that you need to invest thousands. Please let me know via comment if i am wrong. This is what i have practiced and it works great for me. Money doesn't fall from heaven, you need people to make wealth. I have already built my own stream and its working for me. I am sharing this with you to also take the advantage. Now let me break it down on how this work for me. I said all you need is Facebook ads, no free money anywhere, if you are that type of person looking for a way to make money without spending a dime, then making money is not your calling.  Sorry to say but just go back to your village and do what suit you. Another secret you need to know is this; Don't always look for free money or free ways to promote. Spend the money and you will earn it. I have a lot of groups which i can be posting for free but i don't do all those free posting. I do business like real men. I post occasionally on groups i admin. Have you seen me post on groups ones? Don't spam, when you spam, you will be regarded as unserious person. Now let me show you how it works. The above photo shows one of my ads budget. Facebook has been helping. With this NNU income, the recruiting is very interesting because this is what people want. They want a system that pays without referring. So you have the chance to get them involved and make a lot of money. From the above screenshot, i set a total budget of 5k. That will reach 11k to 30k Nigerians on Facebook out of 11,ooo,ooo Nigerians on Facebook. Now see where the opportunity comes in: Since NNU Income is new and most Nigerians knows nothing about it, i target close to 30k people with 5k budget. With that and my strategic post with the new initiative, i am 100% sure that worst come to worst i will be recruiting at least 1000. Don't always think of high positive result too much in business, think of lower result, so when the result comes, it will be on balance state and can be more than what you expected. So out of 11,000, 1000 is sure for me. This is how i have been doing it. Out of 11,000,000 Facebook users in Nigeria, we have not got up to 100k users. This is where you have the chances to get thousands of people to register through your referral link. When you promote your referral link on Facebook, be rest assure that whoever that click on it and decided to register, you will earn your commission because referral link cookies save on user browser for 100 days. It's 50 50, no cheating, and don't forget that you will still continue earning from daily activities if you have time to make NNU your news and information hub. The sweet part is this: 1. NNU Income is an online earning problem solver because refer or refer you earn and its not a Ponzi. This is what prospects want to hear when prospecting. Or am i wrong? 2. The entry fee is a token amount that anyone can afford without being afraid of losing money. 3. I just need to use URL shortner to short my link so people can click through without login into the site directly. This is what i have been doing check the screenshot below. That's the result from one of my ads budget 5k which is running for 7 days, i just set it up last night. As you can see, i have just spent 249 naira with 212 clicks, that same night yesterday, i got about 70 people that registered and paid in. Hopefully today, i am expecting more. Update: As of today, see result below. over 1000 click through for 1220 naira and promo end by 5th of September. Out of 1,000 clicks, about 275 has registered and paid. 500 x 275 = 137,500. I have already made my promotion investment of 5k including profit... Now i am expecting more. How sweet. Now imagine my commission of 500 per each referral Assuming i need 400k in the month of September. That is 400k / 500 = 800. That means i need 800 people to register and pay through my referral link which has started already. Remember i targeted 11,000-30,000 out of 11,000,000 Nigerians on Facebook. Now i am getting my own part of the deal already... Though i had gotten thousands in the past since when NNU Income started early July. But I still need more money so i need to hustle more. I am sharing this secret with few people in order to take the advantage of it too. If you are reading this, may be you are lucky enough because i don't want it to be escalated so that it wont spoil market for me.  I only share it with people i want to. Now if you take action or not, it wont stop me from generating more income for myself. I feel everyone should make more money and at least few smart ones should know how i run thingz. September is my birth month and i am very happy for all my 2017 achievement so far, this is one of my reason for sharing. My DYHCrew group will be ready in September month too and a lot of things will be revealed including all my over 5 years experience on internet business in my upcoming offer. Disclaimer: As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There is no substantial assurance that my examples of past result earnings can be duplicated in the future. You may click here to read more. I hope to see you earning big soon. If you are not a registered member, click here to read full details and how it works. Thanks for your time. I remain your humble friend, Paul Samson.

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