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NNU Income Payout (June 2018)

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We have successfully paid out some eligible withdrawals with the available fund for the month of June 2018. Over 7.6 million Naira was paid out this month. UPDATE: Apology for delay and to those who did not get paid this time. Be rest assure that your earning is safe and you will definitely get your money in due time. What really happen is that, due to huge queries of referral earning table and request which caused the site to load slowly, we experienced so many issues including bug which is the more reason why we are developing a better NNU core function we discussed on our Facebook support group. It also affected the mailing system, that's why you may or may not get email notification concerning your withdrawal status. This has caused so much delay in recording withdrawal too, so we starts from higher earners and settle them first till lower earners. Some payout didn't go through while some members bank account details are incorrect. Kindly check the embedded payout record below to see where your number fall in and contact us if you didn't get paid in order to look into your issue. Due to the issue on ground, we were not able to record all 2k referral earners but few at this time with the available revenue. Be rest assured that we will keep the record and pay them early for July payout. By then, we must have migrated to the new app and resolve all issues. All you need to is to be optimistic and continue earning more and grow your money.

While we recorded all eligible earning, affiliate earners are paid out first with the available monthly revenue till when it get exhausted. Other pending earnings are carried over till the next month payout. You only need to earn more if you didn't get paid. when you get a reply like:
Your withdrawal has been recorded. Kindly note down our payment terms below...
This is for withdrawals without affiliate earning. Your earning will not be deducted yet. But when you get a reply like:
Your Withdrawal has been recorded for the next payout. Kindly note that your affiliate earning will be paid to you in full while a part of your NARS activities earning will be deducted and paid to you based on our monthly revenue so as to have enough fund left to pay others. Note that your balance will remain intact for you to earn more and  grow your earning.
Your earning will then be deducted while your account details will be included in our monthly payroll. If you are not eligible, we will also reply you with reasons why you are not eligible and why your withdrawal could not be recorded this month. When you get a reply like this, all you have to do is to make adjustment before your next withdrawal in the following month. However, some email replies were bounced back due to mailer failure, some people didn't provide a valid email address. So this may likely be the reason  you didn't get response from us. Some people were not eligible to get paid due to the following reasons: 1, Invalid Facebook profile link 2, Unable to verify sponsored post on profile due to not making post public 3, Some users claim to have referral earning while they don't. 4, Some people provided email and usernames which does not correspond with the user account A lot of reasons like these and lot more. we replied some, while some were ignored due to inappropriate behaviour. So, if you didn't get paid while you think you are eligible and your name is not on June payroll, please cross check your details again and make a withdrawal before the next payout. Withdrawal will be open again from July 1st - July 25th. We want to have more days ahead of payout day in order to have more time to compile record and avoid delay. Below are the attached payout record for the month of June. If you name is among, kindly update your bank account details in your profile and write to support. If you have any issue or complaint please email us on Thanks for cooperation, happy money making and happy new month. [embeddoc url="" download="all" viewer="microsoft"]

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