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Nnu Income Payout (August 2017)

By - - [ NNU Income ]
Hi guys. We decided to payout last night due to the fact that 27th of this month happen to be weekend (Sunday). I feel we all need cash to enjoy the weekend as we watch English Premier League. So instead of waiting till on Monday, we just let the cat out. I hope you like it. Today we are going to face Leicester City. Oops. So NNU Income is here and running smoothly, smart guys are leveraging the opportunity already. Net-workers are rocking it now you see. Its very easy to introduce your friends to join us and earn more. Most people are not good in referral ish, so with activities earning, it becomes a soft-work. Refer or no refer, we will always share our ads revenue with you when you make NNU your news and information household. Among the top 10 affiliate, Kayode Oyebanji rank number 1 following by Nnamani Paul and Stephen Idowu. Bonus will be given to the first person as top affiliate member of the month. We want to encourage any member who work hard every month like this as time goes on, more feature and more benefit will be added. So we have paid members who qualified for this month. Those who has earned above their threshold. If you have not gotten alert, please check your account balance via ATM or contact your bank on Monday. Some people didn't get paid because their account details has not been provided on their profile. So if you are one of them, kindly edit your profile. From your dashboard, click Profile > Payment setting, Then enter your bank account details in the box under bank transfer in order to get paid on our next payout. Below are some of our transaction screenshot for record purpose, both affiliate and activities earning..                       So if you have received your payment. Let's hear from you. Happy weekend and enjoy your day.

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