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My baby daddy beats me and r*pes me daily (Need Help)

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I will go straight to the point. I think the evil of making a wrong decision has finally caught up with me. I met this guy in 2016 and we started dating before you know it I’m pregnant. All efforts to get him to meet my parents and formalize the union proved abortive and I ended up having the baby out of wedlock. However, my relationship with my baby daddy continued as he was the one that paid for the hospital bill, naming ceremony and gives me stipends, monthly for our upkeep. I told him recently that if he won’t marry me, I’m no longer interested in being in the relationship with me – and that was the beginning of my travails. He would come over to my small one room apartment, demand for s*x and if I don’t oblige him, he would beat me up mercilessly and r*pe me till I’m sore, in front of our son. This has gone on for several weeks now and I don’t know who to talk to or where to go, as my family abandoned me after I became pregnant without being married. Please help before he kills me. informationng

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